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Kirk, David S., Geoffrey C. Barnes, Jordan M. Hyatt, and Brook W. Kearley. Forthcoming. “The Impact of Residential Change and Housing Stability on Recidivism: Pilot Results from the Maryland Opportunities through Vouchers Experiment (MOVE).” Journal of Experimental Criminology.


Background Reading

Kirk, David S. Home Free: Residential Change and Redemption after Hurricane Katrina. Under Contract, Oxford University Press.

Kirk, David S. 2015. “A Natural Experiment of the Consequences of Concentrating Former Prisoners in the Same Neighborhoods.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(22): 6943-6948.

Kirk, David S. 2012. “Residential Change as a Turning Point in the Life Course of Crime: Desistance or Temporary Cessation?” Criminology 50(2): 329-358.

Kirk, David S. 2009. “A Natural Experiment on Residential Change and Recidivism: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina.” American Sociological Review 74(3): 484-505.

Copies of Publications:
For interested readers without access to library subscriptions to academic journals, pre-publication versions of David Kirk’s articles can be found at his page on ResearchGate.


While there is research evidence to support the contention that residential change can lower the risk of recidivism, it remains to be seen whether these findings can translate to a real-world policy solution. This recognition motivated the development of the MOVE program.

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